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Juyon is simply the best in Tel Aviv when it comes to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After trying many acupuncturists, I was beyond grateful when a friend referred me to Juyon. I have been seeing Juyon for many years and she is always able to support me (physically and emotional) no matter what phase I am in my life. The clinic itself is lovely and clean and she is as knowledgable and professional as it comes.

Brielle Collins

Juyon is an intuitive, empathetic, and experienced acupuncturist with mastery in her craft. Every time that I meet with her for a session, I leave relaxed and feel the positive benefits throughout the entire week. If you are looking for an acupuncturist, I could not recommend her highly enough!

Ayelet Mintz

I have been going to Juyon Kim for treatments since 2016. I had just become a vegan and decided to get some support in my new lifestyle through acupuncture. She came highly recommended from my community of friends and I am so happy that I found myself in her hands.
She helped me with various issues such as digestion, hair loss, and later on fertility.
Now post labor, she continues to be an important and integral part of my self care.
Her clean beautiful clinic, and her kind manners make visiting the clinic all the more pleasurable.

Nadya Gurevich

Highly recommend Juyon, especially for pre-natal massage! She helped me manage a debilitating chronic rib and back pain during my pregnancy. She is always courteous and professional to a higher standard than one usually finds in Tel Aviv. I would (and do) recommend her to all my friends!

Rachel Schonwald

Juyon has been my skin specialist for the past three years. She's not only experienced in her work, but she also has good hands and very passionate about her work. she goes beyond to take her clients to another level without any calculations. I rate her five stars!

Hillary Sargeant

For many years I’ve been trying to find a solution for my very persistent acne. Since seeing Juyon, my acne has completely cleared up and my skin feels incredibly fresh and healthy. Alongside the very relaxing acupuncture treatments, Juyon has helped me understand how to change my lifestyle to be acne free. I’m so grateful for Tel Aviv Acupuncture, thank you!

Dana Podell

Juyon is super professional. Its really nice and profound to have an eastern therapist that uses all these ancient eastern techniques to cure the human being .I believe that her eastern perception and style make her better and with huge advantage over the western therapist. Its very obvious that her understanding about her own culture makes this therapy more profound, more accurate and more authentic.
Also her attitude is very kind and pleasant. Very recommended.

Rotem Orr

I went to Juyon to do acupuncture last week and I had such a great experience. The room was calm and smelled lovely and I really trusted that she knew what she was doing. The service was professional and Juyon was warm and welcoming. If you are looking to do acupuncture in Tel Aviv then this is the place

Rebecca Pash

I have been seeing Juyon for almost 2 years now, she is a wonderful professional and kind person who bears outstanding acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.
Juyon has help me to treat my plantar fasciitis, and lower back pain.
She is more than a therapist, she is truly a healer of the body and mind.
I couldn't recommend her more.

Oswaldo Nobile

Juyon is very knowledgeable about acupuncture, health and wellness. She has a calming presence and gives special attention to each of her clients. I really enjoy having her as my acupuncturist and highly recommend her.

Shani Winston

Juyon has been one of the greatest finds in Tel Aviv. Her supportive, kind and caring nature makes her sessions so much more than just acupuncture. Juyon is a wonderful healer. Anyone who is thinking about booking should explore her practice.

Hedy Mowinckel

Thank you!

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