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  1. What can I expect of my first treatment?

  2. How do I prepare for a treatment?

  3. What can I expect after each treatment?

  4. How many sessions do I need?

  5. Can I do sports after a session?

  6. Should I change my lifestyle during the course of treatment?

  7. If I am already taking medication, will acupuncture change the effect of the tratment?

  8. Can acupuncture complement my other alternative medicine treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropractor?

  9. Do I have to take herbal medicine while being treated with acupuncture?

  10. If I suffer from muscle tension, should I get a massage or acupuncture?

  11. If I am pregnant, at what stage of the pregnancy can I receive massage or acupuncture?

  12. Are there any health risks associated with acupuncture? Any side effects?

  13. Can my child be treated with acupuncture?

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