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About Juyon

Juyon Kim trained at the Korean branch of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and holds a diploma in acupuncture (Dipl. Acu). She practices an integrated style of acupuncture, combining the two schools of acupuncture: Five Element Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She also incorporates meridian points-based acupressure massage into her practice. When there is a need, she gives nutritional guidance and prescribes herbal remedies. Her diagnostic and treatment approach to health is holistic, and she believes in looking at a person as a whole, taking into consideration all physical, mental and emotional aspect. She collaborates with experts and practitioners in variety of holistic fields to better serve her clients.


Juyon treats a wide range of conditions, including hormon related issues; pain management; injuries; pregnancy, labor and post-natal care; arthritis; insomnia; allergies and sinusitis; stress, anxiety and depression. She also specializes in facial rejuvenation acupuncture, which is a unique method to rejuvenate and preserve beauty from inside out.


Juyon strongly believes in the Traditional Chinese Medicine's principle of assessing and diagnosing individual cases according to their own respective symptoms and manifestation. She caters to each individual's specific needs. 

Juyon holds herself to the highest acupuncture standards, practicing strict clean needling, using only sterile, disposable needles of the highest quality. Her technique is precise and gentle, affording minimal to no discomfort. Her patients find receiving acupuncture from her extremely relaxing. Her clinic is a safe and nurturing environment, where patients feel secure and well cared for.  

Juyon spent her life in South Korea, New York, Hong Kong and Israel, and understands the diversity of people and their needs. As a mother of two boys, Juyon personally identifies with the journey of health undertaken by many, and is dedicated to all her patients' personal wellbeing. 



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