Welcome Back

Dear Tel Aviv Community,


Thank you so much for your support and patience during the lockdown. 


The past weeks have been an uncertain and fearful time for all of us, and while our collective fight against Covid-19 is certainly not over yet, the regulations for businesses and practices have been loosened up. 


Tel Aviv Acupuncture is happy to announce that we are in operation as of Monday, April 27, 2020. We feel blessed to return to work, and we invite you to make appointments at the clinic. 


Following the guidelines of the Israeli Health Ministry, and using our utmost precaution to protect our clients, we will abide by the strictest hygiene measures as follows:


  1. The entire area of treatment will be disinfected completely and thoroughly, including all parts of the treatment bed and the surface areas between each treatment.

  2. All the materials including equipments and sheets used in the treatment will be, as ever, disinfected and exchanged between each treatment. 

  3. All the acupuncture needles used will continue to be sterile disposable needles.

  4. The therapist will wash hands before and after each treatment, and wear disposable gloves during the treatment.

  5. Patients are required to remove their shoes upon arrival, and wash their hands.

  6. Patients are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival.

  7. Both the patient and the therapist will be required to wear a facemask throughout the entire visit.


We wish you and your family the most sincere regards, and we look forward to seeing you in the clinic.


Tel Aviv Acupuncture

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